Dal carcere le direttive del “Profeta”; l’uomo arrestato per abusi sessuali sulle sue giovani adepte

The shocking truth about life inside Warren Jeffs’ FLDS: Members tell  how they believe cult leader is U.S.  President and 15 men are responsible for fathering ALL children

  • Cult leader Warren Jeffs is  in jail, convicted of sexual abuse of young girls
  • His 8,000 followers continue to believe that  he is a prophet and God who has wrongly imprisoned
  • Jeffs ordered married couples to stop having  sex and handpicked 15 men to father all the FLDS children
  • He also ordered 500-600 followers to be  banished from the compound

By Snejana Farberov and Alex Ward

PUBLISHED:05:42 GMT,  24 November  2012| UPDATED:13:03 GMT, 24 November 2012

Cult leader Warren Jeffs  has spent the past six years behind bars after being arrested and later  convicted of sexual abuse of young girls, but that has not stopped him from  continuing to exude complete control over his polygamous community.

A Friday expose on ABC’s  20/20 has revealed the insulated  world of The Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church where Jeffs’ 8,000  followers continue to believe that he is a prophet and God who has been wrongly  imprisoned.

‘Anybody who thinks that Warren Jeffs’  incarceration ended his rule in this community has no idea what they’re talking  about,’ said reporter Mike Watkiss.

‘He is in many ways more powerful because now  he’s martyred.’

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