Dominance and Submission: The Psychosexual Exploitation of Women in Cult

Janja Lalich Community Resources on Influence & Control Alameda, California

 Abstract The author describes the prevalence of the sexual exploitation of women in cults. This may take the form of daily controls of sexuality and sex lives or more overt abuses such as arranged marriages, forced sexual activity with the leader, and rape. Sexual control is seen as the final step in objectification of the cult member by the authoritarian leader who is able to satisfy his needs through psychological manipulation leading to sexual exploitation. Key to recovering from cultic sexual abuse is psychoeducation that is, aiding the former cult member to understand the nature of the overall system of deception and manipulation that was used to exploit her. Through an exami-nation of the social and psychological influence techniques employed by the cult, former cult members will be able to productively confront the issues related to their sexual abuse.

L’articolo della dott.ssa J. Lalich è visionabile qui


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