Raelians defend child who drew a swastika in school

The Raelians have leaped to the defence of an eight-year-old American child who drew a swastika as part of a third grade holiday assignment.

The group says the boy, who is of Hindu heritage and attends Old Bridge Township Elementary School in New Jersey, was “subjected to traumatic reprimand and racial bias counseling without parental approval.”

The Raelian symbol features a swastika intertwined with two overlapping triangles that form a six-pointed star.

“The swastika is an ancient symbol of goodwill for nearly a billion Hindus worldwide, and Middlesex County, New Jersey, where this incident took place, is home to a large Hindu minority,” said Thomas Kaenzig, a spokesman for the International Raelian Movement.

“It’s not the child who needs counseling but the teacher aide who complained about the child’s drawing, the counselor and the principal who approved the counseling,” Kaenzig said in a statement.

In an interview with QMI Agency last year, Diane Brisebois, a spokeswoman for the Raelians in Canada, said, “For religions like Jainism and Buddhism, the swastika represented luck, well-being, harmony and peace. When people think of the swastika, they immediately think of the Nazis and we want to change that.”

No one from the school could be reached for comment.


Fonte: Toronto Sun



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