-cultMurder suspect accused of killing religious ‘sex-sect’ leader’s wife pleads not guilty

18 January 2013

The man who confessed to murdering the wife  of his spiritual leader and making it look like a suicide pleaded not guilty to  first-degree murder in court yesterday.

A Jackson County grand jury indicted Micah  Moore, 23, in the death of Bethany Ann Deaton, whose body was found on October  30 in a van at Longview Lake, Kansas.

There was an empty pill bottle by her, a bag  over her head and a suicide note, indicating to police she had taken her own  life.

After the 23-year-old confessed, he said that  Bethany’s husband Tyler Deaton told him to do it.

His attorney later said it was the act of a distraught and confused young man  under extreme psychological pressure and that no actual evidence of a crime existed and that  his confession

Moore is currently free on $250,000 bond,  according to the Kansas City  Star.

It was  claimed last month that Tyler Deaton, who is still under investigation for  ordering the brutal murder of Bethany, was involved in sexual affairs with at  least three other men who lived at the religious community he led.

The charismatic Christian was in charge of a  group whose members  came to Kansas City from Texas to be part of the International House of  Prayer.

After the arrest of Moore, several men who  lived in the house told detectives they had been involved in ‘secret’ sexual  relations with Deaton.

Court records have redacted these men’s names  but, one witness told police that Deaton mentioned having dreamed that ‘he had  killed his wife by suffocating her,’ a week after her death.

The Deaton’s other roommates told  police of  alleged sexual relationships by Deaton to ‘discover his  masculinity’, because  he was ‘frustrated’ that he ‘couldn’t get an  erection’ with his wife according  to the probable cause statement seen  by the Daily Beast

Another member interviewed by detectives  investigating the case said that one  night he was lying in bed and that ‘Tyler  had laid next to him and held  him’.

‘He stated that he realized now that Tyler  was attempting to make him a member of their sexual group.’

Another man who lived in the home in Kansas  City said that ‘he was involved in  an ongoing sexual relationship with Deaton’  and said that he ‘was  controlling and manipulative and said that the sexual  activity was part  of a religious experience’.

A third man said in his statements to police  that he had been in a sexual relationship with Deaton and named him as the  household’s  ‘spiritual leader.’

He claimed that in the weeks prior to his  wife’s death Deaton had become ‘angry’ and ‘frustrated’.

Bethany Deaton was found dead in the back  seat of a van on October 30 with a  white plastic bag over her head, a purple  pillow beside her and an empty pill bottle nearby.

Authorities in Missouri initially believed  the death to be a suicide as they found a disturbing and tragic note next to her  body.

‘My name is Bethany Deaton. I chose this evil  thing,’ read the letter.

‘I did it because I wouldn’t be a real person  and what is the point of living if it is too late for that?

‘I wish I had chosen differently a long time  ago. I knew it all and refused to listen. Maybe Jesus will still save  me.’

However, on November 9, three days after her  funeral, Micah Moore, a member of  Mr. Deaton’s IHOP walked into the Grandview  Police Department and told  officers that he had killed Bethany.

Since then allegations of repeated sexual assaults inflicted upon Bethany by male members of the IHOP have emerged, with the shocking suggestion that they may have been filmed on an iPad.

Moore told investigators  that Bethany was killed because there were fears  that she would tell her  therapist that she was being sexually assaulted.

It was three days after the death of Bethany  that Moore, 23, walked into the Grandview Police department and confessed to her  murder.

‘I killed her,’ he told officers, according  to court documents, adding that he had placed the bag over her head and ‘held it  there until her body shook.’

While Moore has been charged with  first  degree murder of Bethany, authorities are still investigating Deaton, who has  been described as a ‘Pied-Piper’ like leader.

Three years ago, Deaton and his band of  followers moved from Texas to  Missouri to attend the International House of  Prayer and Deaton and  his wife both became students at the International House  of Prayer  University.

WhileDeaton kept a separate religious sect to  the IHOP, the church itself has separated itself from him – especially when they  reportedly heard  disturbing comments at the memorial service for  Bethany.

They informed him the next day that he was no  longer welcome on church property or at the church’s university.

Since his wife’s death, authorities in  Missouri have said that Deaton – who  on his Facebook page lists Harry Potter  and learning foreign languages  as ‘likes’ – has returned to  Texas.

Messages left on his voice mail, Facebook and  email have received no response.

However, since the arrest of Mr.  Moore in early  November, the case has turned on its head after his  defence attorney, Melanie  Morgan said that the 23-year-old was mistaken  in his confession.

He told a ‘fictional account that was  bizarre, nonsensical, and most importantly, untrue,’ said Morgan to the Daily  Beast.

After finding Bethany’s body on October 30th,  officials in Jackson County had ruled that she had died after consuming a bottle  of acetaminophen and covering her head with a plastic bag.

However, despite withdrawing his confession,  police have not dropped the charges against Mr. Moore, nor arrested  Deaton.

Little is known about the prayer group that  Deaton ran and the president of IHOP has said that Deaton’s group was  independent and operated under a ‘veil of secrecy.’

In his confession, Moore told detectives that  Deaton told him to kill Bethany.

Moore also said in his confession that he and  several other men who all lived in the same apartment complex in Kansas City had  been sexually assaulting Bethany repeatedly over the past several  months.

It’s unclear whether Mr. Moore alleges that  Deaton was among the men who assaulted her.

During his murder confession, Moore said that  Bethany had been given a prescription anti-psychotic drug, Soroquel and that  Deaton had ordered him to kill his wife because he, ‘knew Micah had it in him to  do it.’

His attorney Melanie Morgan has countered her  clients claims by saying, ‘We are aware of no evidence that a crime has  occurred.’

She said  Moore’s statements were those  of ‘a distraught and confused young man under extreme psychological pressures,  as a result of his friend Bethany’s untimely suicide, and the sudden removal of  his spiritual leader, Tyler Deaton, from their extremely close-knit religious  community.’

Doctrines taught in that community ‘affected  Micah’s mental state and ultimately dominated his thinking,” she continued. “We  trust that the local authorities will focus their investigation equally into  disproving Micah’s story as much as they would be inclined to trying to  substantiate it.’

However, the case against Moore and Deaton  rely heavily on the anticipated autopsy results, which are expected  imminently.

If the anti-psychotic drug or no  acetaminophen is found in her system, then officials expect to act against  Deaton and Mr. Moore.

‘Everyone involved in this story has serious  credibility problems,’ Seattle defence attorney Richard Hansen told The Daily  Beast.

‘Especially Tyler Deaton’s accuser, Micah  Moore. He admits to having sex with Deaton’s wife, which gives him the greater  motive to commit murder, not Tyler.

‘And as a confessed killer, any attempt to  blame someone else, as in ‘the devil made me do it,’ must be viewed with  skepticism.’

Fonte: Mail Online


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