Sordomuto spera in una benedizione, ma a un raduno evangelista il figlio di un famoso predicatore lo malmena

18 February 2013

Evangelist Benny Hinn’s son arrested in Brazil for ‘beating up deaf and dumb man  during one of his father’s events’ 

Uganda - Televangelist Benny Hinn

  • Benny Hinn was on stage ‘healing sick’ when  Hestephenson Araujo got up
  • Thinking Araujo,  21, was about to throw water, Hinn’s son Joshua pounced
  • Allegedly taken to trailer and beaten, but  could not speak to defend actions
  • Later claimed he simply took water to stage  because he wanted blessing
  • Joshua Hinn and two bodyguards arrested on  suspicion of torture

The son of American evangelist Benny Hinn was  arrested in Brazil after allegedly beating up a deaf and dumb man during one of  his father’s rallies, it was reported today.

Hestephenson Araujo, 21, reportedly needed  hospital treatment after the incident on Saturday night during a religious  crusade in Manaus, northern Brazil.

Police detained Joshua Hinn, 21, along with  two of Benny Hinn’s bodyguards, on suspicion of torture after the three men  allegedly locked Mr Araujo in a trailer and physically assaulted him.

According to police, Mr Araujo, a local  pastor, was sitting in the front row of seats at the event, in the city’s Povos  da Amazonia arena when, during Mr Hinn’s sermon, he got up and approached the  stage.

Mr Araujo, who was carrying a bottle of  water, later said he only wanted to receive a blessing from the famous  evangelist, who claims he can heal the sick.

But he was allegedly pounced on by Mr Hinn’s  son Joshua and two bodyguards, Caleb Shirk, 26, and Konstantins Konstantinovs,  34, who claimed they thought he was about to throw water at the preacher, who is  worth an estimated £27 million ($42 million).

The men took Mr Araujo to a trailer parked  near the stage where they allegedly held him captive inside, beating and  punching him as they demanded to know who he was.

Because the man could not hear or respond to  their demands, the physical aggression continued, police said.Tactical squad officers burst into the  trailer after concerned members of the public called police.Mr Araujo was taken by ambulance to a local  hospital, where he received medical treatment and was later released.

Manaus’ Civil Police confirmed the three men,  all Americans, were arrested and  taken to the city’s 3rd Integrated Police  Department for questioning.

The men reportedly claimed they didn’t know  that Mr Araujo was deaf and dumb and wanted to know why he had approached Benny  Hinn during his sermon.

According to police, Mr Araujo’s father, a  sign language translator, entered into an agreement with Benny Hinn’s  representatives to not press charges against the men.

Police sources told Brazilian website Portal  do Holanda that the agreement involved a “large sum of money”.

The Civil Police said an investigation will  still be launched into the incident.

After being released, Joshua Hinn and the two  bodyguards reportedly continued to Manaus’ international airport from where they  flew directly back to the US.

By Matt Ropper

Fonte: Daily Mail


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