Gruppi settari religiosi: donne a maggior rischio


Why are women more likely to join religious cults?

An elderly Brazilian man who thinks he is Jesus reincarnated has mostly female disciples who follow him around the world. It makes chaplain Jemima Thackray want to run a million miles

Worshippers gather around to listen to the uplifting words of Inri Cristo - who believes he is Jesus reincarnated in Brazil


New photos have been released this week of a 66-year old Brazilian man who claims to be the reincarnated Jesus. Inri Christo was born Álvaro Theiss, but changed his name to Inri (the acrynoym of the Latin title ‘Jesus Christ King of the Jews’) when he heard a voice in his head revealing his true divine identity.

The photos of him dressed up in full Jesus regalia, sitting on a throne, surrounded by disciples are at best amusing and at worst disturbing, not least because the line of people looking adoringly up at him are almost exclusively young women. It’s a picture that provides yet more evidence for the worrying fact that women are much more susceptible to being seduced by religious cults than men – research suggests that women make up to 70 per cent of global cult members….





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