Violenza contro le donne in Scientology. La testimonianza di Gary Weber ex membro della Sea Org (video 1 e 2 ENG)


Gary Weber is former Sea Org member and Guardian’s Office staff member. This is a first video in an ongoing series.
The illusion that violence within has only occurred in the last 20 years is false. Scientology Inc covers up assault and battery that occurs inside the fortresses does not report it to Law Enforcement because it is “bad Public Relations.”
Abortions were ordered wholesale. Gary will be giving more details of the women ordered on to vans, seating 12 of them, and 2 vans with 24 women were herded to Abortion clinics as arranged and ordered by management.



Gary Weber shares with us what happened when his wife got pregnant. In his first video he shared how he was instrumental in the organizing of pregnant women into vans , 12 in a van to carious free abortion clinics around Clearwater.
In this video he describes how his wife was punished by being sent to the Gulag. This very baby who his wife was pregnant with in this story is now a young adult who has Disconnected from him under Church manipulation.



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