CASO MIRANDA BARBOUR. La madre della presunta serial killer satanista, conferma l’esistenza di un diario con i dettagli degli omicidi, ma non crede siano fatti reali. Per il padre la figlia mente ed è un’abile manipolatrice. La giovane rivela di aver confessato i delitti per restare in carcere e non tornare a uccidere


‘If I get out of here I’d do it again’: Mother admits Craigslist killer kept a horror journal detailing murders as she claims she would have spared her married victim if he’d told her 16 was too young for sex

  • Miranda Barbour, 19, says that she is confessing to the killings to keep her behind bars so she won’t kill again
  • Her mother Elizabeth Dean says she has a diary with stories that ‘can’t be true,’ but would not confirm or deny they were records of murders
  • Miranda Barbour said the original plan was to let victim Troy LaFerrara go if he backed when she said she was underage – but he didn’t
  • The self-confessed serial killer was molested at age 4 and may have decided to kill other child molesters


The self-confessed Satanic serial killer who claims to have murdered more than 22 people may have kept a record of the slayings.

Elizabeth Dean confirmed an ex-boyfriend of daughter Miranda Barbour, 19, gave her a diary he claimed was her’s just as the teen appears to have revealed a motive for the supposed killings – revenge.

Miranda Barbour told the New York Post from jail that she would have let Troy LaFerrara, 42, of Sudbury, Pennsylvania go had he stopped groping her when she said she told him she was barely 16-years-old – she was molested at age 4.

Dean did not deny the horror journal was filled with details on the murders, but stopped short of confirming exactly what was scrawled on its pages.

‘There are things in here that just can’t be true,’ she told the paper. ‘Some of this I just don’t believe.

‘I don’t believe she has done any of what she is saying, and I don’t know why she is saying all of these things,’ Dean continued.

The mother also confirmed a claim made by her daughter that she was molested at age 4, saying she immediately went to police and the man was arrested.

Revelations of the murder memoir come as Miranda Barbour claims she is confessing to the killings so she remains behind bars.

‘I’m saying all this for me, I want to remain in prison,’ she insisted. ‘I told my lawyer I wanted to plead guilty to this.

‘If I get out of here, I’d do it again,’ she continued.

Her conversations with a reporter from the Daily Item, a local paper, also shined a light on the killer couple’s murder plans.

She and husband Elytte Barbour decided he would hide in the backseat of her car and jump out when she said ‘did you see the stars tonight?’

Had LaFerrara backed off and decided against trying any sexual activity with the ‘underage’ woman, she would have let him go.

Hubby did not respond to her two utterances of the phrase, so she had to improvise.

‘He still didn’t jump up, so I hit him in the leg and then he popped out.’

Elytte Barbour strangled LaFerrara with an electrical cord while Miranda Barbour stabbed him repeatedly in the chest until he was dead – they carried out the sinister plot on Elytte’s 22nd birthday.

They dumped his butchered corpse in an alley and went looking for cleaning supplies to clean the blood from her car, she said.

‘There was just so much,’ said the teen. ‘It was everywhere.’

The pair then went to a strip club before returning to the crime scene the next day to see police everywhere,

‘I saw all the police and said, ‘Well, I guess they found him,’ she recalled.

The shocking details come almost two weeks after her husband professed his love for her in an interview with CNN.

Elytte Barbour told the network from Columbia County Prison in Pennsylvania that the news hasn’t changed the way he feels about Miranda Barbour, 19.

‘I still love her,’ Barbour said over a secure telephone line from the jail where he’s awaiting trial for allegedly luring a man through Craigslist, strangling and stabbing him 20 times with his love, three weeks after they were married.

Speaking to CNN Wednesday, heacknowledged, ‘Everyone wants to know about her credibility,’ but wouldn’t comment on whether her confessions were valid.

However, he said she was upfront with him in ‘about 50/50’ of the alleged slayings, with respect to specific names of victims and the locations of the murders.

He insisted he’d been cooperating with police so far, adding ‘It seems like I have my life or death on the line right now.’

The interview comes after his father-in-law Sonny Dean said he would support his daughter’s execution if she is found guilty and even hold the hand of the victim’s widow as she’d killed.

Dean said he believes his teenage daughter may have been involved in one other murder besides the November 11 fatal stabbing of LaFerrara.

But he denied that she has killed 22 people – as she claims – and branded her a ‘manipulator.’

Police said LaFerrara met Barbour through her Craigslist ad, which offered companionship in exchange for money. Barbour, like the fictitious serial killer Dexter, said she only killed ‘bad people.’

Investigators allege Barbour stabbed LaFerrara about 20 times in her parked car as her husband, Elytte Barbour, held a cord tight against LaFerrara’s neck from the back seat and then dumped his body in an alley.

The self-confessed teenage serial killer has claimed to have been involved in a satanic cult and that she had a favorite knife which she added notches to every time she slayed another victim.

Dean told The Daily Item that his daughter was a heroin addict and is a liar and manipulator, but he doesn’t think she is a mass murderer.

‘Miranda lives in a fantasy world,’ he said.

Barbour told The Daily Item last month that she had killed fewer than 100 people but stopped counting at 22. She said she lured a man into an alley in Alaska and watched as the leader of a satanic cult to which she belonged shot the man before telling Barbour it was her turn.

‘Believe very little of what Miranda says,’ said Dean, of Texas. ‘She has a long history of extreme manipulation and dishonesty.

She is good at manipulating people. She is the most manipulative person I have ever known.’

It is possible she participated in a killing in Alaska, he said. He also did not dispute her claim of being a satanist.

‘The reason I think that the Alaska incident is a possibility is that Miranda ran away from home at least two times that I remember, both for over a 48-hour period,’ he said.

‘Once was around the age of 13 and once was sometime the following year, when she was 14. I don’t know what took place during either of those 48-hour periods.’

Dean also said she had been in and out of treatment centers after she became hooked on heroin, and that she was so persuasive she was able to talk her way out of the centers.

‘We couldn’t stop it from happening and she was out.’ he said.

He said once Miranda became hooked on drugs they refused to let her out of the house unsupervised – meaning she could not have carried out the many murders she has claimed.

‘Once all this stuff with drugs started happening we locked our house down,’ he said. ‘She wouldn’t have had the chance to do any of these things she said.’

Dean said he prays for peace and comfort each morning for LaFerrara’s family, especially the victim’s widow, Colleen LaFerrara.

In a prepared statement to the family, he said if a jury decides his daughter should be executed, ‘I would stand side by side with you, take your hand, and silently pray that some good may come of this.’

According to a police affidavit, Miranda Barbour initially denied knowing LaFerrara until she and her husband were presented with evidence.

‘The defendant stated that they committed the murder because they just wanted to murder someone together,’ police said of Elyette Barbour.
Fonte: Daily Mail


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