Filippine. Arrestato leader di una setta per aver imprigionato una donna per cinque anni. L’uomo è sospettato anche dell’omicidio di un minore


NBI arrests cult leader, finds body of boy, 14


BALAMBAN, Philippines—Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation in Central Visayas on Wednesday arrested a 45-year-old cult leader in the mountain barangay (village) of Buanoy here.

Casiano “Tatay Loloy” Apduhan, who claims to have the power to heal the sick and bring the dead back to life, was tagged as suspect in the death of 14-year-old Angelo Repuela whose decomposing body was found at the bottom of a 30-feet hole inside his residence.

Apduhan was also accused of illegally detaining Emma Nepomuceno, 33, for over five years. Two .38 cal. revolvers were also recovered from the house.

“This is a very rare case. We’re still studying the appropriate charges to be filed against the suspects. But definitely, one of the charges will be serious illegal detention,” said Rey Villordon, regional NBI supervising agent.

The raid stemmed from the complaint filed by the parents of Repuela and Nepomuceno at the Provincial Women’s Commission against Apduhan for keeping their children captive.

The commission sought the help of the NBI which applied for and got a warrant from Judge Hermes Montero of the Regional Trial Court of Toledo City on Tuesday.

Heda Largo, commission consultant, said Nepomuceno will undergo medical and psychological tests to determine the extent of the damage caused by being detained for over five years.

“Imagine being detained for more than five years. What could have been its effect on her state of mind?” Largo said.

Nepomuceno’s mother, Alicia, said the family had thought Nepomuceno was working abroad. “The last time I saw her was in 2008,” said Alicia. She said she became worried when the family didn’t receive a call from Nepomuceno.




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