“Ero una Regina di Scientology”. La moglie dell’ex Presidente della Chiesa, Karen De La Carriere, in una drammatica e toccante intervista al Mail Online racconta i 35 anni trascorsi in un’organizzazione che definisce “tsunami di distruzione”


I was a ‘Queen of Scientology’: President’s ex-wife reveals the Church’s innermost secrets and why she was cast into darkness when she finally fled after 35 years

  • Karen de la Carriere, 70, was a member of Scientology for 35 years and attained a rank only shared by a handful of others
  • She rubbed shoulders with the church’s elite including John Travolta 
  • But she questioned the leadership and says she was brutally punished for it
  • She claims she was made to run 12 hours a day for three months and was ‘imprisoned’ in ‘The Hole’ and had to chip paint off a metal pole day after day
  • She claims in Sea Org, the management branch, they banned children and forced couples
  • She left in 2010 and her own son turned on her and she blames Scientology for his ultimate death from pneumonia
  • Church dismissed Karen as being like a ‘lunatic’ who spreads ‘falsehoods’ because she has a ‘personal axe to grind’ 


Scarred: In an emotional interview with MailOnline, Karen de la Carriere told of the brutal punishments she endured, often stretching across months, that all but broke her physically and mentally 

Karen de la Carriere, 70, was a member of the Church of Scientology for 35 years. She was married to its President. She held a level of ‘enlightenment’ and a rank within its organization shared by only a handful of others. She was one of its ‘rock stars’.

But when she left in 2010 she was branded a ‘Suppressive Person’, cast out, harassed and cut off from her son so completely that, when he died in 2012, she learned of his passing via a Facebook posting by a stranger.

Now, for the first time, she has given her full, personal and excoriating account and shared a treasure trove of previously unseen pictures from her years inside the notoriously secretive organization…





NOTA: Karen de la Carriere, gestisce un blog informativo, consultabile al seguente link




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