Dall’incontro su una chat line satanista all’omicidio efferato di due donne, come sacrificio umano per celebrare la festa di Beltane


Women killed in Satanic murder-suicide pact, trial told



BARRIE, Ont. — On the eve of a Satanic holiday Mark Dobson, lost in the heady art of witchcraft, almost decapitated two women with a utility knife in a bloody murder-suicide pact, court heard Monday.

Now on trial by judge alone, Dobson, 24, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. His lawyer seeks to find him not criminally responsible for killing his girlfriend Mary Hepburn, 32, of Barrie, and their friend, Helen Dorrington, 52, of Cold Lake, Alta.

The women were found with their heads partially severed, their bloodied bodies surrounded with odd blood-encrusted tiny dolls in a room at a Travelodge on May 2, 2012.

Police found Dobson standing naked at the door and bleeding, mumbling that they were all going to live gloriously on another planet.

The Crown attorney argues that while Dobson admittedly suffers from mental illness, he understood his actions were morally and legally wrong.

“All three believed in the demon world,” Crown attorney Shannon Curry said in her opening statement.

The killing was a celebration of Beltane, a satanic holiday associated with human sacrifice.

As a child, Dobson would often tell his mom there were aliens in the room and by age 14, he studied witchcraft and Satanism, court heard.

At 17, he became a wicca and met Hepburn and Dorrington on the satanic chat line, The Joy of Satan.

Dobson and Hepburn fell in love on the chat. The two moved to Barrie and lived together in squalor.

Eventually, the three made a suicide pact and Dorrington travelled to Barrie. They rented a room at the Travelodge, partied, ate take-out food and the women took pills to calm down.

Dobson told them to lie down and he began to strangle them as planned.

“Mary said ‘no’ and began to struggle. She was scared,” Curry said. “He twisted her neck and he heard a snap, but she was still breathing, so he got a knife and he began cutting her neck, but she was still saying ‘no’.”

Even as Hepburn lay “gurgling,” Dobson stuck his fingers in her throat to silence her last pleas, court heard.

Dobson then went to Dorrington on the second bed, groggy from the pills, and began cutting her throat.

“Later, he admitted what he had done. He said he knew it was wrong and he knew he would go to jail,” Curry said.

On the witness stand, one of the first officers to arrive at the motel .

“To me it looked like they had been decapitated,” said Const. Andrew Butler. “It was a grisly scene.”

Tiny dolls and child’s trinkets lay around the bodies, a candle on the floor, rat poison on the bathroom counter near a utility knife and blood-smeared the walls.

Dobson stood naked and groggy, bleeding from self-inflicted deep gashes on his neck and arms. Someone gave him a blanket and Dobson put it over his head then sat on the floor rocking.

“I was sending them to another planet,” he told the officer. “The Orion galaxy was waiting for us.”

The trial continues.


Fonte: canoe.ca




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