Dietro le quinte di Scientology. Paul Haggis racconta come la chiesa americana rovina le persone e costruisce attacchi online per screditare e distruggere la carriera di ex membri e critici

L’intervista di The Telegraph al celebre regista Paul Haggis, ex membro di Scientology per 35 anni. Secondo il racconto di Haggis, ripreso anche dal Daily Mail e consultabile al seguente link , la chiesa utilizza internet per attaccare le persone e rovinare le loro carriere professionali. La chiesa di Miscavige non ha al momento accolto l’invito a commentare le dichiarazioni del regista.

PAUL HAGGISI know what they do online,’ he said. ‘I’ve seen them attack others under false names, try to discredit them, ruin their careers. 

‘And I’ve heard about these two people who work in the basement of Special Affairs there and they’re just online all day at their computers, going on to various blogs, commenting on people’s lives and things they do.’



Paul Haggis interview: ‘I’ve seen Scientology ruin people’

The Oscar-winning film director on Scientologist trolls and his new ‘flawed’ film

By Hermione Hoby

For a time, the distinguishing fact attached to Paul Haggis was his being the only person ever to have won the Oscar for best picture two years running. He wrote and produced 2004’s Clint Eastwood-directed Million Dollar Baby and then, the following year, won his second statuette for writing, directing and producing Crash, the crime drama that, through neatly interlocked stories, cannily subverts assumptions about racism. (He wrote it, he once said, to “bust liberals”, among whom he counts himself.)

By now, though, it’s another distinguishing fact that trails the 61-year-old. In 2009 Haggis very publicly renounced Scientology, the notorious Hollywood-centric movement that some call a religion and many others, including Haggis, denounce as a cult…




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