Il sermone di un membro del Corpo Direttivo dei Testimoni di Geova sui pantaloni attillati disegnati dai gay


Jehovah’s Witness Leader: Don’t Wear Tight Pants, Homosexuals Designed Them

A member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses gave a sermon this weekend cautioning against wearing tight pants, which he warned were inappropriate and had been designed by gay people.

Anthony Morris III gave the sermon, titled ‘Is Your Family a Spiritual Family?’, on November 8th. He warned that metrosexual fashion was an increasing problem for young men in the Jehovah’s Witness community:

“For these young fellas, cause the older ones aren’t doing much of it thankfully, is the metrosexual look we’ve addressed that in the past, we’ve said things about it.

What’s happened now is that it’s really caught on more – that’s the tight suit jacket and the tight pants. Better known as tight-pants. They are tight – I mean tight – all the way down to the ankles. And that is not modest, brothers. No. It’s not appropriate. It’s not sound of mind.”

Morris later got to the real heart of the problem:

“The homosexuals that are designing these clothes – they’d like you in tight pants. Not spiritual people.”

Men didn’t get all of the criticism, however, as Morris also worried about women wearing tight pants, though didn’t blame gay designers this time:

“Some of our sisters, what it is are these spanx, these skin tight stuff they wear, when they exercise, they leave their home and they’re jogging in this stuff.

Look at the verse. Is that appropriate to wear skin tight spanx or whatever they call it? It’s not modest and it’s certainly not sound of mind. It’s really not appropriate.

There’s nothing else to say about it. Now you want to be in your home or your room and wear that stuff that’s your business. But don’t go out like that and say you worship the true God.”

Watch the whole clip from the sermon for yourself below:



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