La Chiesa di Miscavige scalpita e lancia accuse ma il nuovo documentario di Gibney su Scientology sorprende per la semplicità, assenza di sensazionalismo e imparzialità

17 Marzo 2015

Going Clear Isn’t the Controversial Scientology Documentary People Were Anticipating. It’s Better

Filmmaker Alex Gibey presents a sobering portrait of a Church under suspicion


“If you will give them all your money, they will make anything possible for you.” So says director and former Scientologist Paul Haggis about the allure of Scientology in Alex Gibney’s new documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Despite its subject matter, the controversial film, which opened in theaters last week, is remarkable for its simplicity, lack of sensationalism, and evenhandedness. Going Clear presents a sobering portrait of the organization and its members without a shred of finger pointing or mockery. There is no derision, no cheap shots. (The Church of Scientology disagrees. A statement to the magazine says in part that “Alex Gibney’s film is bigoted propaganda built on falsehoods invented by admitted liars who remain bitter after having been removed in disgrace and expelled a decade ago after they secretly conspired to suborn perjury and obstruct justice. They cannot be trusted, and no statements they make can be believed.”)…





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