Stati Uniti. Lanciata petizione online con richiesta all’amministrazione Obama di revoca dello status fiscale di esenzione alla Chiesa di Scientology

Marzo-Aprile 2015


Revoke Scientology’s tax exempt status.

Scientology received tax exempt status in 1993 through the use of numerous frivolous lawsuits and blackmail against government officials. Please tell the IRS to retract COS tax exempt status. They are estimated to have made billions of dollars since the illegal 1993 agreement.

The money is used to harass former members, coerce abortions, to secure their Int. base so people can’t escape, child abuse, forcing members to disconnect from family who aren’t Scientologist friendly, and to litigate to death anyone who opposes them. They litigated the “Cult Awareness Network” to death years ago and then bought the name. The C.A.N is now a Scientology run enterprise.

Over the years Scientology has put many government officials and politicians in their pocket. Stop this before it’s too late.



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