Ecco come Scientology gestisce la crisi in cui è piombata dopo il documentario Going Clear

9 Aprile 2015

The Church of Scientology Is Hilariously Bad at Online Damage Control

by Jonathan Lambert

Photo via Flickr user Jason Scragz

Scientologists are pretty great at a lot of things. Gaining tax-exemption for religious reasons? Check. Generating billions of dollars? Check. Making up words and acronyms, attacking the field of psychology, and promoting televised couch-jumping? Check, check, and check.

What they’re not so great at, at least anymore, is damage control.

Thanks to the popularity of Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary, Going Clear, the Church of Scientology is now facing its greatest PR crisis to date. And like every other hurdle thrown the organization’s way, Scientologists are handling the situation the only way they know how: by throwing huge piles of untaxed revenue at it.

Frankly, though, their PR strategy is shockingly bad…





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