“Quiverfull” il culto cristiano fondamentalista che ha sconvolto l’America

23 Maggio 2015

Inside the Christian Cult That Told the Duggars to Blame Their Daughters for Their Abuse

For most of America, InTouch Weekly‘s revelation that reality star Josh Duggar is a serial child molester came as a sickening shock. But to some self-described survivors of the “Quiverfull” movement of evangelical Christianity to which the Duggar family belongs, the family’s story of secrecy, victim-blaming and denial is all too familiar.

Former members of the insular religious movement, which promotes procreation by forswearing all forms of birth control and conscripting women into a life of perpetual pregnancy, describe a cult-like movement obsessed with public appearance and deeply at odds with its dogmatic beliefs on sex…




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