Si allunga la scia di sangue, dopo l’arresto del santone indiano Asaram Bapu, accusato di violenza sessuale sulle adepte. I testimoni che lo hanno accusato sono stati aggrediti o uccisi

19 Maggio 2015

After The Fourth Witness In the Asaram Sexual Exploitation Case Is Attacked, The Heat Turns On ‘Bapu’


Even after he was put behind bars for a 2013 sexual assault case, Asaram Bapu keeps piling on more cases. The police haven’t found the attackers of Mahender Chawla, prime witness in a case involving Asaram’s son Narayan Sai, who was shot at last week.

The pollice has dispatched teams to Muzaffarnagar (UP) and Panipat (where Chawla was shot), and contacted their counterparts in Gujarat for clues, the Daily Mail reported. “Local suspects will be questioned initially. Asaram and Narayan Sai can also be questioned if the investigation requires so,” Deputy Superintendent of Police Des Raj told the Daily Mail.



Chawla was secretary to Asaram, and had revealed confidential details about the misdeeds that Asaram and Narayan allegedly engaged it. He’d also said that Asaram was a financer, and received girls from his caretaker, Monica. He also said that his son used to exploit female followers.

Ever since Asaram has been arrested, witnesses against him and his son have been getting attacked:

Akhil Gupta, prime witness in Asaram’s Surat rape case was shot dead in Muzaffarnagar in January this year.

Amrut Prajapati, Ayurvedic doctor to Asaram, was shot dead after being attacked on six different occasions. He had turned against Asaram after two students of Asaram Gurukul were found dead Asaram’s ashram in 2008. In his testimony, Amrut said that black magic was practiced at the ashram, and many linked the death of the boys to it. Open Magazine reported that while Dipesh’s arms and internal organs were missing, Abhishek’s body was half burnt – this added to the black magic theory

Husband of a woman who had been allegedly sexually assaulted, was attacked.

Mahendra Chawla shot at twice on the 13th of May, but survived.

Raju Chandak was another secretary and ashram worker for 22 years whose testimony led to police complaints against Asaram Bapu and 2 others on attempt-to-murder charges. He was shot at before his deposition against the godman.


FONTE: Indiatimes


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