Gli scienziati hanno meditato sulla meditazione concludendo non esservi prove a sostegno dei presunti poteri curativi della meditazione

16 Luglio 2015

Articolo pubblicato originariamente su Scientific American in data 8 luglio 2015


THURSDAY, JUL 16, 2015

Scientists meditated on meditation – and the results were troubling

There’s no proof to support claims about meditation’s healing powers


What do you call it when you try to meditate but can’t stop thinking about meditation?


I’ve meditated on and off, mostly off—okay, almost entirely off–since my early 20s, when I learned Kundalini yoga (which has a meditation component). I’ve also dabbled in mindfulness, Zen and Transcendental Meditation. I’m a jittery guy, so I meditate primarily to calm myself, but never for long. If meditating doesn’t work, I stop because I’m wasting my time. If it does work, I stop because I don’t need it any more.

Also, while meditation makes me feel virtuous, like eating kale or driving my Prius, it also makes me impatient. I keep thinking of things I’d rather be doing, like watching Orange Is the New Black, playing hockey or taking a nap.

Or writing something snarky about meditation. Because lately, when I meditate, I keep brooding over things that bother me about meditation. I try to let these things go, like little clouds drifting across the sky of my mind, but I can’t. They bug me. So I decided to write about them. I find critical writing therapeutic….




NOTA SULL’AUTORE: John Horgan is the Director of the Center for Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, and the author of “The End of Science,” “The Undiscovered Mind,” and “Rational Mysticism.” See his personal website at


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